At Asante Soccer Academy our goal is to prepare our players for the future. We do not only teach them how to be better soccer players but also how to be a better person. Education, respect, and accountability are central to our philosophy and these values must be upheld by all players at Asante Soccer Academy. The following code of conduct provides a detailed outline of the academy’s expectations for all players at any level.


Education is essential for players at Asante Soccer Academy. Education involves gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to create a livelihood for yourself. It is for this reason that we stress the importance of paying attention in school and ensuring homework completion.

Respect is showing consideration for others and treating them kindly and courteously.  As a member of Asante Soccer Academy, you are expected to show respect for everyone, not only within the academy but in your daily life.  The academy will not tolerate the use of profane language. Players will not address coaches by their first names; instead you may address them as Coach Richard, Coach Richmond, and so forth. Upon arrival to practices and games, you will go around to greet all parents and coaches. A sign of respect is ensuring that you arrive on time to all games and practices.

Accountability is accepting responsibility for one’s actions and belongings. You – and you alone – are responsible for your actions. It is not the responsibility of your teammates or your parents to ensure that you are focused and well-prepared.


Appropriate soccer attire must be worn at all practices and games. This means the correct training jersey, whether that be for Asante Elite, High Performance, House League, or camp. Soccer shorts, shin pads, soccer socks, and soccer cleats must also be worn. Players that do not have the appropriate attire will not be permitted to train.


It is your responsibility to make sure you have your belongings with you when leaving trainings or games. If any of your belongings are found left behind there will be a penalty.


Being a part of the Asante Elite team requires commitment and dedication. Your strength, stamina, speed, reaction time, and agility will all be tested. Practices are designed for you to train and to prepare yourself for assessment by your coaches. You are expected to attend all training sessions and to arrive at the specified arrival time. For training sessions, the arrival time is 15 minutes before the beginning of the session. On game days, the arrival time is one hour before kick off time. Any school homework must be completed before attending practice. If your coach hears otherwise from your parents, guardians, or teachers, you will not be permitted to play in the next game.